Which TV Is The One I Need?

The face of many home theater systems – or when cleverly concealed (one of OUR favorite tricks) – can make a theater “hide” until needed. There’s an overwhelming list of features and specifications facing anyone who is purchasing a new TV these days. Who’s to keep up with such rapidly changing technologies? Who makes heads or tails of all this stuff!?

We do!


With just a little consideration, choosing the proper TV without paying for features you will not use is easy. We’re here to help.

Consider these things…

  • Correct Mounting. Will you use the TV’s supplied stand or mount the TV on a wall?

    If you decide to mount it, there are two primary styles of mounts from which to choose.

    • A CANTILEVER (or “Articulating”) style mount

    • A TILT style mount.


  • 3D Consideration. Do you want your TV to be 3D capable?
    3D content will still require 3D glasses. 

  • Smart Features. Would you use “Smart” (i.e. web based) features?

    Many people have Blu-Ray players or streaming media devices like an Apple TV or ROKU box which have an easier on screen interface anyway. In our experience, using Internet Applications through a TV is a bit more complicated than using a Blu-Ray Player or Media Device. It is more difficult to program TV web apps onto a universal remote control as well. Many times not paying for a “Smart” style TV can be a choice to keep a little extra money in the project budget.


  • LCD and LED Understand the differences between the two.

  • LCD will cost less initially however it uses a bit more energy. They are the heavier and thicker of the two types. For gaming, an LCD is recommended because the heads up displays in many games can cause “burn-in” which is much less likely to happen with an LCD.

  • LED has a slightly larger price tag but uses less energy. LED TV’s can be extremely thin and mount more easily than LCD TV’s in built in (recessed or concealed) applications.


    Let’s Hide That TV!

    If you don’t want to see a black box on your wall all the time, there are solutions to make your TV look good, even when it’s off:

    Make your TV cover Art!

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