Remote Control

Looks Great. How Do I Control It?

If there’s a priority for us that ranks almost equally with how good the finished product looks, it’s how easy it is to control. You may have an immaculate theater, media room or living room surround sound setup, but if it’s not easy to control, you will be frustrated and ultimately use it less. That is not a result we are looking for. We want your entertainment experience to be a seamless and easy operation so that you can focus on what you intended to do: Enjoy your entertainment. We have spent years experimenting, testing and beating up control systems to find what works best with the least amount of hassle. If there’s a high fail rate, you better believe we don’t sell it anymore.

When you work hard on the design of your entertainment locale, the look is just right, the technology is quality, the equipment is comfortably out of sight – the next step is control. There is the stack of remotes plan – keeping track of them and remembering which one does what and when it needs to be used. Nobody wants that, ultimately. There are the consumer based universal remotes – inexpensive and unreliable for the most part. You often have to reset them and reprogram them every so often to ensure they still work. They also don’t take advantage of macro order logic to turn certain equipment on in a certain order to ensure that it functions efficiently. Sometimes it’s even easier to have the stack of remotes, because at least then there’s no confusion about which device your remote is set to.

We have a solution for that. Universal Remote Control! Just to save confusion we will let you know that Universal Remote Control (URC) is the name of the company we use for this application. It’s not just the kind of remote. What URC has done that we like a lot is create a one button solution to getting everything ready for your entertainment experience. What do you mean one button? Well obviously you’ll need more than one button to operate whatever device you are trying to use, but it’s more about getting there in one easy step. So you’re ready to watch a Blu-Ray on your home theater system. From the main screen on your URC remote, hit the Blu-Ray button and you’re ready to go. The remote tells the TV or projector to turn on, ensures that it’s on the correct input, turns on your Audio Visual Receiver (AVR) and ensures that it is on the right input and settings and turns on your Blu-Ray player so that it too is ready to go. Also the remote will be set up to operate your Blu-Ray functions as well as the volume on your AVR. Now remember you did all that with one button push. What we do on the programming side is plan for devices that take longer to boot up, or need to come on in a certain order. Blu-Ray’s take a while to get going, they are like little computers after all. So we create a sequence where the Blu-Ray gets turned on first before anything else so that it is up and running sooner. If you have a projector we follow the same pattern and make it come on first so that it’s already warming up as your other devices get going. Ready to switch to another device? That’s easy. Hit the main button to go back to the home screen. Now you want to watch cable. Hit the cable button and in a matter of moments the AVR switches inputs and the interface for the remote is now ready for cable operation. Search the guide, change channels, use DVR functions with the same remote. Simple, huh?

My equipment is out of sight…how does it know what to do?

There are two ways to solve this problem. One is an infrared (IR) repeater sensor. Basically you have an IR interface where you connect all of your devices so that they can receive IR signal when they need to perform a function. You then place an IR sensor in a discreet but visible place in your entertainment locale and point your URC or other remotes at that location. However, there’s an even cleaner solution. URC remotes can be equipped with radio frequency control. That means that line of sight to your equipment is no longer necessary. Operate the remote from anywhere in your home and don’t worry about pointing at anything.

The Touch Screen Revolution

The emergence of the tablet and touch screen phone has revolutionized they way we think of technology, communication and yes even control. URC saw the intrinsic usefulness of this technology and has a new product that allows you to have a URC remote right in your phone or iPad. It has the same functionality of the traditional wand style remote, but it’s all at your fingertips with the software and computing power that’s already built into to your device. Now instead of radio frequency, you can command your system through your home network. Plus, you already own the remote.

Even More Touchscreen Control

Plus, you can control lots of other things with your smart phone or tablet. Like your music with a Sonos system. Your lighting, security and HVAC settings with Control 4. It’s an amazing time we live in and the ability to have it all on one device is literally in our pocket. Let us help you bring James Bond Cool as well as convenience to your home. So after we’ve helped you find the right equipment, implemented a design that works with your decor, let us help you control it all with ease.