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We will keep your home current with today’s technology and prepare you for the future.

When it comes to creating a network infrastructure in your living space, maximum bandwidth speed is our primary goal. We accomplish that by installing abundant wired connections. We view wireless networks as viable backup technology when a wired connection is unreasonable. That being said, when we are able to participate in the design process of your project, making network connectivity amply available becomes our responsibility. We like to put network wires just about everywhere (and sometimes we even just put the wire in the wall in a room -with no plate- just in case!) You will have all of the connectivity and speed that you need, and you’ll be prepared for the future as technology advances.

Nowadays, almost every entertainment device in your home wants a connection to the internet. This includes, cell phones, TVs and gaming systems. While connecting these devices wirelessly is feasible, it can really eat up your bandwidth, slowing your internet speeds to a crawl. We recommend running as much network wiring as possible to ensure you are getting the most from your internet service provider. We can say with confidence, we won’t be using the internet less in the future.

Why do all of this network wiring?

  • 1. Category cable is cheap! Foot for foot, Cat-5e or even Cat-6 cable is one of the least expensive wires you can run in your home.   
  • 2. Network wiring infrastructure denotes future readiness. Internet based media is the way forward, plain and simple. The days of CD’s and DVD’s are numbered.   
  • 3. Streaming media is the future. In a very short time, most or all of our media will be sourced exclusively in the internet.   
  • 4. We can send lots of other types of signals across Cat5 or Cat6 cable. We can use category cable to send audio, 1080p video, or even infrared signals.


    But isn’t everything wireless now?

    For a good explanation as to why wired connections are invaluable even in the “wireless” world we live in, read this great article: A Word on Wireless

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