Tech Home

Complete Lighting Control
Turnkey non-wired expandable lighting control systems for all types of home settings.
Get Connected
We will keep your home current with today’s technology and prepare you for the future.
Safety Means Tomorrow
Keep an eye on things with control for all your home
systems: Cameras, safety, energy savings, and
Good for Your Budget, Too
Both wired and wireless solutions can be installed in
new construction as well as in existing homes giving
any homeowner the power to be green.
What Is Really Wireless?
So many devices are are “wireless” nowadays,
you don’t want to eat up your bandwidth
unnecessarily. See why it’s smart to “hard wire”
some devices to your home network to preserve
as much wireless bandwidth as possible.
How Does It All Hook Up?
Find out the many ways your home can be wired for
audio, video, automation or networking.
Control it all with ease
Why have a stack of remotes, when you can
have one? Why look at all your equipment
when you can hide it? A radio frequency Universal Remote to the rescue.