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Restaurant and Commercial Space Sound Control

In a lot of restaurants, sound control is almost as important as the food. A loud restaurant can ruin the ambience and the experience for the diners. Not to fear, we have solutions for restaurants as well. Not only will we help with sound control using acoustic panels, we can make them design features that add a fun dimensional element to the decor.

In this example, the restaurant had a modern flair but with some Art-Deco 20s style touches. They had tiles on their bar that were the hexagonal and conformed to a diagonal design. They asked “Could we make the acoustic panels like these tiles?” Sure we can. Custom shapes can easily be achieved.

Before and After

Another look at the design

Do you have a restaurant or commercial space that needs a little sound control? Let us help you make the restaurant sound and look wonderful with acoustic panels that are both decorative and functional.We can also help you with a great and easy to control sound system.

The Sonos system is a great way to have multi-zone control over the different areas of a restaurant. Some areas of the restaurant benefit from quieter, more ambient music, while you may want it a little louder at the bar. The kitchen wants to rock out while they cook it up, but you don’t want the same music playing in the dining area. Sonos makes it easy to have control over all of these variables. Did we mention you can take out your phone and change the music or the volume on the go without having to find a volume knob. Not only does it save a few steps, but you can hear the volume change in the area you want to control so that you can get it just right. We have installed this system in numerous restaurants in Western North Carolina and we guarantee you won’t get one complaint from any of them. Let us know if we can help with your sound system.

Here’s a few of the Asheville restaurants we have done work in:

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