Lighting Design


Lighting Design

Lighting Design is more than simply selecting the correct light fixture. It is a process by which, through careful planning and design, your home is transformed from the average to the extraordinary.

By initiating contact with a lighting professional at the beginning stages of construction, more dynamic lighting effects and personal touches can be achieved.

Why settle for a builder’s standard “fixture-in-the-center-of-the-room” when there are so many cost-effective designer solutions for lighting your home? Correct lighting selections are now an important design element of any home. And, of course, the other half of our job is to make sure they illuminate the desired item or task.

Today’s lighting can also be easier to use. We take advantage of today’s control technology to set each light to the correct brightness level to accent your home for a specific function. Setting all the lights for cooking, reading or entertaining – with one simple button rather than trying to remember your ideal setting for several dimmers.

Incorporating a high level of design and lighting control into your home will reward you for years to come with effective energy saving solutions that address your needs and enhance the beauty of your new home.

Kitchen Ideas:

  • Adjust your lighting for different tasks. Set the lights for preparing food, dining or entertaining.
  • With a variety of styles and colors, your dimmers, switches, wallplates, phone and cable jacks can match your decor.
  • Cabinet and cove lighting can be dimmed to add a dramatic touch to your kitchen.

Home Theater Ideas:

  • Create just the right light for the best picture quality in your home theater.
  • Dim the lights and lower the shades at the touch of a button to prevent screen glare and video washout.
  • Multi-functional remotes. Press Play: Lights dim and the movie begins. Press Pause: Lights brighten as movie pauses.

Great Room ideas:

  • Make your rooms more liveable. Easily create and recall your favorite light levels for different activities.
  • You can control all of the lights – even low-voltage track lights – to give any room more flexibility.
  • Adjust the light – even table and floor lamps – from the comfort of your chair with a convenient remote control.

Bedroom Ideas:

  • Late at night, one button can create a pathway of light to the bathroom or kitchen.
  • A table lamp dimmer lets you adjust the light for reading without disturbing your spouse.
  • Being able to turn off lights throughout the house from a bedside control add convienence and peace of mind.

Bathroom Ideas:

  • Enter your bathroom in soft light and brighten it slowly as you get ready for work.
  • Dim the lights above the bath to create the perfect atmosphere for a relaxing experience.
  • With colors and styles that match your decor, you can create perfect visual harmony.

Hallway & Stairs Ideas:

  • Dimmers provide a gentle night light – to make your family feel more secure.
  • You can dim the lights from the top of the stairs – or the bottom with 3-way or multi-location controls.
  • Control hallway lights from one end of the hall or the other.

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