Acoustic Panels


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Acoustic panels make a world of difference to your ears… they are adjusted to your sound system to selectively absorb, diffuse and reflect sound~ to optimally enhance and acoustically balance your listening environment.

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These absorbers are suitable for all applications including offices, recording, broadcast, worship facilities, schools, gymnasiums, museums, auditoriums, theaters or any application that requires an acoustical solution. Sonora sound panels also make a great alternative to fabric stretch wall systems. These sound control panels look as good as they sound.


  • Simultaneous diffusive and absorptive sound control in a thin, decorative, cost-effective panel
  • Optimal binary reflection amplitude grating containing resorptive elements
  • Acoustical functionality concealed with decorative upholstered fabrics or commercial stretch fabric systems.

Style and Function

Beyond the acoustic benefits of sound absorbing panels, they can also be a decorative touch. Don’t just slap ’em to the wall, let’s make them part of the ambience. We are happy to design acoustic treatments that work very well and look amazing, too. Here are a few examples of some creative uses of acoustic panels:


  • When space is limited, provides sound diffusion in a shallow depth flat panel
  • Simultaneously offers diffusion and absorption for an integrated design
  • Reflections can be diffsorptively attenuated without creating a “dead” space
  • Extends the performance of absorptive fabric wrapped panels and stretch fabric systems at competitive prices
  • Can be used for wide area coverage without excessive absorption
  • Can be used to provide acoustic gain in conference rooms, classrooms, and auditoriums to improve speech intelligibility and reduce fatigue
  • Diffsorptive surfaces provide greater sound coverage for speech and music
  • Suitable as stretch fabric core material


    a – square
    b – radius
    c – half radius
    d – bevel
    e – half bevel

    <---Watch a video describing how sound absorption improves the listening experience--->


    Diffusers reduce the intensity of sound by scattering it over an expanded area. This prevents comb filtering and standing waves while maintaining the live intensity of the sound. A diffusive room will sound larger and more open with improved sound clarity.

    <---See a great video that clearly demonstrates how diffusers work--->

    Flutter Free®


    • Furniture grade, hardwood, sound diffusing acoustical molding
    • Low frequency absorption mounting option
    • FlutterFree® works on the 1D QRD® reflection phase grating principle
    • Modular extruded diffusive strips

    Wood Options

    Wood color options

    1 – Oak 2 – Mahogany 3 – Green Stain
    4 – Maple 5 – Black 6 – White

    Restaurant and Commercial Space Sound Control

    In a lot of restaurants, sound control is almost as important as the food. A loud restaurant can ruin the ambience and the experience for the diners. Not to fear, we have solutions for restaurants as well. Not only will acoustic panels help with sound control, we can also add a fun dimensional element to the decor.

    In this example, the restaurant had a modern flair but with some Art-Deco 20s style touches. They had tiles on their bar that were the hexagonal and conformed to a diagonal design. They asked “Could we make the acoustic panels like these tiles?” Sure we can. Custom shapes can easily be achieved.

    Before and After

    Another look at the design

    Do you have a restaurant or commercial space that needs a little sound control? Let us help you make the restaurant sound and look wonderful with acoustic panels that are both decorative and functional. We can also help you with a quality and easy to control sound system from Sonos.

    Here’s a few of the Asheville restaurants we have done work in: