Media Room-Cinema

If you have a space that can be specifically dedicated to the theater experience then you have the most flexibility and highest chance for theatrical perfection.

Once only within reach of the ultra rich, a home cinema has now become affordable for everyone. Do not settle for some bargain electronics kit system with plastic speakers and instantly obsolete components when you can have handcrafted hardwood speakers and electronics that perform superbly for years.

You want a comfortable place with performance levels equal or greater than the local multiplex. Face it – you don’t go to the theater as often because the floors are sticky, the film is often scratched, people are talking, and you just paid six dollars for popcorn! You love the big screen experience but hate the commercial theater environment.

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We like creating dedicated theaters, but we LOVE to create theaters where the technology disappears!

Just a beautiful room designed to your taste. The image is sharp, the audio is amazing and your friends keep asking, “Where is all the equipment?”

Mix and Match

We have many lines of speakers and components but it is our ability to match your unique taste to the correct product that makes us stand out. This sample theater uses many brands in order to meet the feature requirements of the customer. This was a tricky room; we used a combination of electronics to solve it’s issues. Names such as Legacy, Denon, Triad, Sony, Esscient, Dwin and more.

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Tightly Integrated System

We also utilize systems design to work together in perfect Harmony. Because JBL controls all aspects of the audio system they are able to push the sonic properties to the limit and yet still keep all the clarity of a true theater experience.

Remember, JBL is used in most movie houses around the world. But for the home theater they went a step further. Synthesis electronic components employ the most advanced signal processors, equalizers and amplifiers to create the most realistic listening experience possible – in rooms of any size.

Intelligent THX®-certified surround sound processors automatically configure themselves to optimize the impact of any CD, DVD or satellite signal. SDEC digital equalization, tuned on site by Harmony Interiors, precisely calibrates your system’s frequency response for the acoustical realities of your listening area.

High-current, ultrawide-bandwidth amplifiers ensure faithful reproduction of both explosive special effects and ethereal musical interludes.

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