A Gamer’s Paradise

We love creating theaters… large beautiful image, big powerful sound.

Sure it’s for the big game or a movie, but what about my computer or game console? Why not! We take advantage of the theater’s dynamics to let you have fun on a bigger scale. By integrating an xBox, wii, Playstation or any console, you get even more use out of your system and make it fun for everyone to join in.



Gaming With Surround…A Whole New World

Gaming technology has come a long way since the age of Mario Brothers. Did you know that most video games these days have more intensive surround sound programming than most movies that you see? Imagine going on a mission through enemy territory with distant gunfire from every direction, bullets whizzing by from all angles, hearing an approaching enemy come from behind you and leaping out of your skin when an explosion blasts the left side of the room. All that while sitting comfortably at home. We love to put gaming systems and top of the line surround sound together!

Simulation Gaming

We can also add full simulation where you kick a real soccer ball or swing a real golf club. The system is unbelievably accurate and even lets you choose from real courses. Hit a real golf ball into the screen and the virtual ball continues to the hole. Kick the ball and it continues into the virtual pitch at the goalie.


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