Home Theater

A ‘Home Theater’ is any place we can recreate the cinema experience. Sometimes that means blending it into your living room; sometimes utilizing a dedicated space.

Two questions to get started…

First, where is your theater to be located? In a dedicated space such as an unused room, converted garage or basement? Or is it the main family or living room?

Next, would you like all the electronics and speakers to disappear? Or show them as design elements of the room? We can hide your TV away when not in use, or incorporate large screen TVs into your walls, or even install projection systems for maximum theater experience.

You love movies, but hate the multiplex?
Bring it home with more comfort and
better sound.
This is not your work or school projector.
They perform well and won’t break the
Why we LOVE them! Take advantage of your theater’s
dynamics for fun on a bigger scale!
We can blend powerful audio components
into your listening area without
compromising your decor.
See many creative ways to conceal your
TV so it looks good even when it’s off.

We will design, engineer, and install a theater in your home that will make the mall theater jealous!