TV Wall Art

Conceal Your TV Behind Art

Disguise your TV and enhance your decor, using your choice of artwork and frame plus Vision Art!

Select your artwork. Select your frame. Watch your flat panel display disappear.

Often people say put the TV over the fireplace, “….that is were is is supposed to go, right?” Most designers say no. Gone are the Days of Plasma TVs being a status statement. With the exception of some ultra modern settings, above the mantle should remain the place for art. Thankfully we can now combine the two.

Every VisionArt unit includes a power current sensor that senses the power draw of the display device. When the display device is powered “on”, the VisionArt will raise the canvas. The canvas will automatically lower when the display device is turned off. It can also be integrated with your universal remote. Elegant and simple!

Choose from hundreds of Limited Edition images. Each print is signed and numbered by the original artist. Choose from over 40 standard frames. Inspired by traditional Asian partition screens, these time honored images and frames are sold together. Images range from ancient to contemporary, and include each artist’s seal. 32 exclusive art and photographic images.
The Expressions Gallerie is a cost-effective way to conceal your TV. Choose from over 40 “unlimited edition” images and 9 designer frames, providing a broad range of mix and match TV concealment options. allPopArt is a modern custom artwork option in 4 exclusive allPopArt© portrait styles: Warhol style, Geometric™, PetGlo™, and Watercolor Sketch™. VisionArt QuickShip by Sanus Systems, the most cost-effective television concealment option in the industry! Easy to conceal a third, fourth, or even fifth television. Make your home a virtual museum!