Motorized TV Lifts


Motorized TV Lifts

Today, there are several types of lifts available to keep your home entertainment equipment out of sight until its go-time! These can include lift, lift-and-swivel, flip-down screens, and sliding tracks.

Auton Motorized Systems, founded by Virgil Walker – the original innovator of motorized television lifts, has been crafting award-winning custom automated tv lift solutions for a variety of quality design applications since 1955. Auton manufactures the world’s finest rack and pinion mechanical lift systems that are used to hide, reveal, and automate a wide variety of products. The tv lifts conceal and reveal almost anything including plasma and flat screen LCD televisions, traditional television sets, speakers, projection systems, computers, safes and art panels; making the motorized lifts the preferred choice for installation in luxury residential, corporate, hotel, restaurant, studio, home theater, yacht and private aircraft environments.

Among Auton’s latest and most innovative products are plasma lifts with swivel options, ceiling-flip downs, Invisotrak, counter flip ups, LCD lifts, speaker lifts, projector lifts, smart waiters and more.

Auton’s plasma lifts and standard tv lifts are the most reliable on the market and are completely maintenance-free. The welded-steel design and Quad-Gear engineering make the television lifts the smoothest, most sturdy and quietest automated lifts on the market. Auton’s plasma tv lifts are also available with a complete 360 degree swivel option. Your pop up tv will be perfect in a cabinet, tv furniture, counter-top, half-wall, desk or other area.

More than just lifts for a hidden tv, Auton’s appliance lifts can lift almost anything from a mini bar to a trash compactor or wine fridge, making it the perfect option for a kitchen, den, study or office.

Auton’s line of ceiling lifts bring state-of-the art technology to any home theater, office, board or room. The ceiling flip down will hide a plasma tv and with the click of a button, the television lowers and flips down for comfortable and convenient viewing. The ceiling drop down unit can lower and raise wider televisions while the projector lifts can accommodate from the smallest to even the largest projectors. To round out any theater system, Auton’s speaker lifts hide and reveal surround sound speakers.

If you want to mount your television or safe on or in a wall, Auton’s Invisotrak and Shadowtrak lifts are the perfect solution. The Invisotrak mounts inside a wall and allows the use of your artwork, mirror or other item to move horizontally or vertically to cover and unveil your television, safe or bar. The Shadowtrak comes with a beautiful wooden frame in a variety of finishes that houses your tv and mounts directly on a wall for simple installation.


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