Mirror TV


Video Wherever You Want It – Mirror TV

Your Bedroom

You can put a big cabinet at the foot of the bed to accommodate an old TV – taking up space and detracting from the rooms design OR you can add the mirror you needed with a built-in TV.

Mirror TVs offer high quality video through a special mirror material, which allows near total transmission of the polarized light output of the LCD screen. We can fit a custom frame to match your decor. It can be mounted on a wall, to be used and viewed like a regular mirror.

Your Bathroom

Don’t you just hate the mad dash in the mornings?! Rushing between checking the traffic reports, watching the latest weather predictions, brushing your teeth and getting ready to leave…why not put all that to one side and make morning better with a mirror TV; bringing a new online dimension to your bathroom mirror.

  • Mirror when OFF, TV when ON
  • 100% light output when TV is on.
  • It’s a mirror, it’s a TV, it’s a computer display
  • Supplied with standard frame fitted, and designed for easy frame customization
  • TV is a fully featured LCD TV
  • Accepts multiple types of AV inputs


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