Do It Yourself

We have a special place in our hearts for those brave souls who like to do things themselves. After all, that’s us! Most of us in the home technology integration field start at home obsessively tweaking our own systems. We understand that many of our customers hire us to handle their needs because they either don’t have time or aren’t interested in hooking up all this stuff themselves. There are those, however, who bravely negotiate the complicated spec sheets and wiring diagrams in pursuit of the satisfying feeling they enjoy once the whole system is up and running perfectly.

We don’t view do-it-yourselfers as competition to our business. There will always be those people who just want to hire us then enjoy the result. We regard the do-it-yourself crowd as brothers and sisters in arms! We are eager to support anyone in their efforts to design, build, and/or connect their home theater themselves. In many cases, we’ve already done a lot of the legwork for you. We know local carpenters, builders, and craftsmen. We know the industry trends as well as regional ones.

We also have access to dealer exclusive brands you can’t pick up at a big box store. We are AV dealers so we can get you the gear you want and let you come pick it up.


*For instance, what if you’re interested in adding an off-air antenna to your home. You live south of Asheville and you’re not sure if it’s worth it with the mountainous landscape. We have customers all over Western North Carolina and many of them are using off-air antennas so we have a good sense of what stations people in different regions tend to pick up. Just a little pre-planning with us and you’ll have a much better sense of whether its worth it.


*Another example. What if you’re comfortable with home networking and fine with pulling wires yourself. You’ve decided you want to add a few cameras around your house which you can view on your web-enabled phone. Would it be smarter for you to choose IP cameras which host themselves on the web? Or Analog cameras with a networked DVR which does the hosting. Then, which wires do you run to each camera based on which option you’ve chosen. See…we actually know the answers to those things.


We can help you plan your project and in turn save you untold amounts of time in research. We can help you get the cables you need. We can help you connect with the other subcontractors you’ll need to hire. We can advise you on industry best practices and even prepare you for your meeting with the local building inspector. We’ve been doing this work for a long time and we’re here to help.
Just give us a call.

The fact of the matter is this… Anyone can hire someone out of the phone book to come over and hook up gadgets. We bring another level of investment to your project that other AV firms don’t. We become a lasting resource to you after the sale. Here’s why:

Rapidly advancing technologies

Technology is our job. We stay ahead of it. A good deal of our day to day work involves studying and keeping current on advancing new technology. Believe us, that alone, is a full time job. Everything from Cloud Based media, streaming content, analog vs digital connectivity, IP phone systems, home automation, housewide audio, on and on… We keep it all straight.

Lasting Relationships

We have been in business in Asheville for nearly twenty years. In that time, we’ve grown a customer base which regards us as more than just business partners. We are a friendly resource for so many of our customers. Our customers have our cell phone numbers and we encourage them to use it. We take calls at dinner time, on the weekends, and even on holidays. We troubleshoot issues, answer questions, and give buying advice by phone, and we do every single day. At Best Buy trying to decide between a 3D TV and a Smart TV? We can help. Looking for the different sound presets in your AV Receiver, we can help. Just brainstorming adding a surveillance camera package to your home? We can help.


“We enjoy doing our own home projects, and when we decided to install a home theater I was eager to apply my background in engineering and music recording. After extensive study and planning, we realized that taming the tricky acoustics of the theater room could be done in a number of ways. But which approach would be the most practical? What would be aesthetically pleasing? And what was most likely to work and get the results we wanted? At that point, we knew that bringing in the right expertise would save us money and headaches in the long run. It can be hard to find professionals who are willing to work side by side with do-it-yourselfers, but Scott was eager to work with us on a consulting basis.

We had a great time collaborating and weighing the alternatives. Scott checked the work we’d done so far and gave us some options for various levels of support he could provide. Right from the start he had some great ideas about how to better arrange the room to allow us to work around a problematic door. We had already given up on that one. We decided to start with acoustic treatments for the room. Scott helped us design the area and instructed us on how to install the panels. A bonus was to include in-wall surround speakers which were hidden in a cut-out behind panels and rendered invisible. Very cool. I hadn’t thought of that either. The panels and surround speakers arrived and we had them up and looking great in a couple of hours.

I’m convinced that Scott and the Harmony team saved us money and many hours by lending their expertise when we called on them. There was no upsell, no pressure; and they valued our input and ideas. It was great fun to collaborate and Scott helped give us the confidence that, with Harmony’s support, we can have the satisfaction of enjoying a professional quality home theater at DIY prices.”

Sally Sparks
Avery’s Creek, NC