No Room For Equipment

Space-Saving : Hidden Dedicated Home Theater



Create a cozy entertaining environment in an unfinished basement. Easy, except that the room was very narrow and could not be widened due to load bearing walls. The narrow space and low ceilings created acoustic nightmares as well as difficulty in placing speakers at ideal separation locations. Extreme compromises seamed inevitable, such as reducing the desired size of the screen in order to have room for the left and right speakers.


Using CAD space planning we were able to determine which elements were unchangeable and which were flexible.

When the project was complete we had seating for eight, a display shelf, new bathroom and a bar. Not crowded but cozy, and not a piece of electronics anywhere in sight.

Acoustic modeling helped us find sonic issues and alleviate them with sound absorbing panels, and a specially designed stage to help the bass frequencies flow more naturally.



Hey, we made ink! This award-winning home theater design was featured on the cover of Electronic house magazine.