High Tech Rental

High Tech Rental


We wanted big-screen TVs and surround sound, but we needed someone to help us choose the right products. We wanted the speakers and TV to disappear for a clean look.


Have the builder construct a wall niche so that the plasma tv could be pushed back several inches to sit flush with the wall surface, and hidden behind folding artwork that matches the comtemporary decor.


Concealing the Plasma:

Here’s a clever way to hide a plasma TV: Sink it into the wall, and cover it with a hinged piece of artwork.

A floating cabinet adds to the fabulous decor and hides all of the components

The home theater is operated electronically via a touchscreen-style remote, the MX-3000 from Universal Remote Control.

The original painting consists of four hinged panels that can be opened manually to reveal the 55-inch set. Decorative and functional. Another creative solution!