Family Fun Room

Family Fun Room

The Family That Plays Together…

This family is dedicated to enjoying life and, most importantly, having fun as a family. They wanted the perfect space that allowed them to engage in many activities with numerous friends and family.

No High-Def to Be Had

Because of the area’s low number of HD channels, the family opted to have a Samsung 52-inch DLP TV for standard-definition everyday viewing.

When enjoying DVD movies or the few Highdef channels a large 106″ Draper screen drops down, doubling the viewing size and giving them the movie experience they are looking for.

Get Your Game On

The room was designed to allow entertainment to be enjoyed from any of the many gaming tables.

Recessed Rack System

To keep the equipment safe from flailing arms during game nights, the main wall includes a recessed cabinet to house all of the audio and video.

Enough Entertainment for the Whole Family

This large space has a pool table, an air hockey table, as well as enough seating for movies or the big game.


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