Cozy Space

Preserving a Cozy Space :: Hidden Home Theater


The first thing you notice when you enter this home is how inviting it is. The stone fireplace and cozy sofa beckons you to relax in this 1930’s Asheville mountain bungalow. Although sitting by the fire with a nice cup of tea is your first thought, occasionally the homeowners do like to enjoy a movie or the big game. Unfortunately, there is no good place for a TV and an ultra modern LCD display is not an option for a room with this much character.


The solution came in the form of front projection and a Bose Built-invisible system. A decorative shelf displays local art as well as conceals the 72″ Draper screen.

The room also needed a coffee table to match its surroundings. So a custom wormy chestnut table was made – that also conceals the Sony projector. The sliding door can also be closed to keep little hands out of trouble.


The Bose Jewel speakers are powerful but small and were painted to match their surroundings. The subwoofer and other components are conveniently hidden behind cabinet doors in the room. All components can be controlled by the MX3000 touch remote via radio frequency so there is no need to open the doors.

Home Theater without the theater

In an old house there is rarely the option of converting a room into a “theater”. This family rightfully loves their main room and had no desire to go elsewhere to enjoy their media. Now they enjoy wine with their friends and love to surprise them with the hidden technology that does not take away from their home’s charm.