Case Studies

Surround Sound Inside a Mantel
Keep your mantel and have fabulous sound with hidden speakers. We integrated speakers and design to create a lovely space with great sound.
From Clunky to Elegant
This project began with a TV in a cabinet with components in plain sight. It ended with a fully concealed projector, screen and surround sound system. This is super cool!
A TV That’s Beautiful When It’s Off
With some planning and clever design ideas, we made this TV not dominate the room and allowed for beautiful artwork to conceal it. Find out how we did it.
Engineering and Clever Hiding
We incorporated a TV lift and surround sound system into a historic fireplace. A combination of engineering and clever concealment – while preserving historic arts and crafts decor.
Living Green in a Remodel
The term green is new and often associated with modern homes. However, we discovered that some of the biggest energy waste comes from older homes. So “greening” them up poses some interesting challenges.
You Gotta See This
After designing so many rustic homes recently, we welcomed the opportunity to create a theater that had the freedom of modern design. Little did we know that the project was to be a lot more black and white.
Where’s The System?
Dedicated theater with excellent space utilization in a narrow basement. Featured in Electronic House.
Blends Perfectly
Audio components and drop down projection screen were hidden so well that the client asked, “So when do you think you can start?”
Great Use of Design and Space
Hidden Dedicated Home Theater with unique decor solution: build a recessed shadowbox to house the TV, and cover with folding art panels.
Small and Inviting
Front projection and a Bose Built-invisible system: In an old house there is rarely the option of converting a room into a “theater”.
Both Sides Now
This home’s outdoor projection screen can instantly reverse its image for viewing from either side.
2007 Electronic House Home of the Year
Of course this family is anxious to spend time together — as long as it’s around their Draper 106-inch motorized projection screen.