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Enjoy Your Music Outdoors!

Pool – Patio – Gardens – Gazebo

We have many choices for adding music to outside environments! Here are a few of the selections we recommend for maximum quality or invisibility.

Versatile Outdoor Sound from Episode

Episode® Landscape Series Satellite Speakers are built to expertly blend into the most beautiful outdoor environments, minimizing visual impact and maximizing performance. Premium components deliver a full, natural sound and crystal-clear highs, while a wide dispersion ensures a more uniform coverage area with less “hot spots”.

For added versatility, there is individual volume control at each speaker, so you can have it lower near seating areas and higher in open spaces. And to get the perfect placement in every application, use any of the four compatible mounting accessories.

Here’s a system we installed in existing landscaping. As you can see it blends in well, and it sounds fantastic.

With several speakers placed discreetly around the yard, a full sound fills the space – perfect for entertaining or just enjoying the great outdoors.

Wanna hear what we’re talking about? Come have a listen to this outdoor system in action.

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What About the Low End?

Having full warm sound with the right amount of low end outdoors is integral to a great listening experience. A large obstacle in outdoor listening is the lack of bass. A subwoofer helps add that extra dynamic low end to your music. But won’t that giant subwoofer box ruin my landscaping? No way! With underground sub woofer technology you can keep it out of sight and have the full dynamic sound you are craving. See how Episode has designed a sub woofer that you bury underground with a discreet vent to allow the sound without the giant box in your yard.

Here’s how easy it is to install this great sounding subwoofer into your existing landscape. Great sound and you hardly notice it!

Wanna hear what we’re talking about? Come have a listen to this outdoor system in action.

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Even More Discreet on a Patio or Porch

How about a speaker you can put a plant on top of? What if it looked like a planter pot? Your friends will be pleasantly surprised when the music comes on and they don’t know how you did that. Perfect for a porch or a patio, add your favorite plant and you are ready to go. Wait, can I water it? Of course! It’s designed to treat your plant and your outdoor music very well. The Episode Planter Speaker:

Coverage and Quality from Bose

Bose Environmental Speakers are especially designed to deliver excellent quality sound in a weatherproof and discreet manner.

Bose 251 Enviromental speakers
Bose 251 Enviromental speakers

  • Reproduce sound over a larger area.
  • Patented multi-chamber bass enclosure for deep bass without audible distortion.
  • Engineered to withstand snow, sun, rain, ice and saltwater spray.
  • Bose Articulated Array® technology


Bose 151 Enviromental Speakers
Bose 151 Enviromental speakers

  • Rich stereo sound and rugged, weather-resistant reliability.
  • Use for decks, boats, pools and more.
  • Engineered to withstand snow, sun, rain, ice and saltwater spray.
  • Bose Articulated Array® technology
  • Five-year limited warranty!


Superior Outdoor Sound from James

Experience patented sound that is hands-down the elite. The sheer expression of sonic perfection.

Dynamic accurate sound never before found outdoors. So close your eyes for a moment and imagine your favorite pool side chair, the subtle scent of an open barbecue, and experience the precision in the sound all around you. Then open your eyes to the the view you truly enjoy.

Hidden Outdoor Speakers

Combine the highest quality outdoor high-fidelity speakers with authentic environmental design and you have the all-weather Rockustics sound adventure. Enjoy state-of-the-art sound in your own backyard with Rockustics’ nature-inspired-designs.

Rockustics aren’t just great speakers put into rocks, they are the product of custom sound contrators, acoustic design engineers and specialist in applied fine arts working together to create a speaker like no other.

A speaker whose form and function operate as one to create a harmonic feast for your ears and your eyes.

Rockustics Inc. features a product line of over 32 models of high-fidelity, all-weather outdoor speakers for both home and commercial applications. Each model is designed to enhance their environment by providing the highest quality sound with unparalleled aesthetics.

Over the years, Rockustics has been the recipient of numerous awards for both sound and aesthetics. We were honored with the “Excellence in Design” award by Audio Visual Interiors magazine for our Rockolyth model.