Housewide Audio

Why Install Custom Audio Throughout Your Home?

One of the easiest ways to personalize and add value to any home is to add audio into its most used rooms. Whether you choose to use in-ceiling or bookshelf speakers, when we pair those with a small network music amplifier, your room becomes something entirely new. Something better.

For some, the background music of their lives is mellow Jazz. For others it is upbeat dance music while others like podcasts or news and still others choose quiet soothing nature sounds to liven up the background of their day.

Our contention is this, technology has now reached a point that makes this (and so much more) so easily available, why would anyone NOT add audio to their homes most popular rooms?

We choose a style of home audio installation which affords you, the customer, a maximum number of music sources (including your own personal music library) and one which installs easily into any home.


Play digital music in every room. Wirelessly, with Sonos.

Sonos® gives you the freedom to listen to what you want, where you want—in up to 32 rooms in your house. Sonos liberates the digital music on your home network and the Internet, wirelessly streaming any song, to any Sonos Device, in any room. You can access music stored on up to 16 PCs, Macs or Network Attached Storage devices, plus select music and radio services, and even music from your favorite CD or MP3 player.

You can connect a Connect:Amp to speakers or to your existing amplified audio equipment and play the same song in different rooms or different songs in different rooms. Simultaneously. Plus, you’ll have total control over each ZonePlayer and the music source is controlled from your PC, smartphone or tablet wirelessly.

Enjoy music in every room of your house—upstairs and downstairs, inside and out. Sonos® works in up to 32 rooms, so you’ll always be in tune.



Here’s a few reasons why to install housewide audio in your home:

    • Better Performance. Using high-end products and exclusive features, our systems are professionally installed to insure optimal acoustic quality in each room.
    • More choices. Choose to hear your own iTunes library, music on an external Hard Drive, or any of your favorite streaming music services.
    • Blends in with your home’s decor. Built-in systems are virtually invisible because the amplifiers and components are hidden away. Our small, yet powerful, speakers can be surface mounted or flush mounted to walls or ceilings. Speaker grilles are also designed to be painted to match the wall color or paper.
    • More Control. Each room (or music “Zone”) can play it’s own independent music stream. Each “Zone” can also be linked in any combination with the other “Zones” in your home. Each zone has independent volume/mute control as well.
    • Even More Control. The great thing is – your smart phone, tablet or other smart device becomes your remote control. It works through your wireless network which allows you to change your audio source from anywhere throughout the home ~ even outside. No need for clunky knobs on the wall.
    • More Freedom! Install a whole home full of music zones all at once or add music to your home “A-la-carte” style because our housewide audio installs equally easily into new or existing homes.
    • Resale Value. Built-in audio systems increase the real and perceived value of your home.


Secondary Rooms and Outdoor Areas

Secondary rooms feature in-wall speakers specially constructed to fit behind walls, and engineered to deliver full-range stereo sound for music. All you see are the flush speaker grilles, which can be painted to blend with your décor. We also offer a full selection of outdoor speakers to use on deck or patio, by the pool or in the yard.