Digital Music Servers


Digital Media Jukebox / Server Solutions

Listen to your digital music library and Internet radio anywhere in your home!

Does your entertainment collection include hundreds of CDs and DVDs? Interested in listening to new digital music files in your entertainment room on high quality speakers rather than on a PC? Are new formats confusing, and do you wish there was just a simple way to get to your music instantly from anywhere in the home?

Sonos Systems
Zone Players

Sonos® ZonePlayers™ give you the freedom to listen to what you want, where you want—in up to 32 rooms in your house. Sonos liberates the digital music on your home network and the Internet, wirelessly streaming any song, to any ZonePlayer, in any room. You can access music stored on up to 16 PCs, Macs or Network Attached Storage devices, plus select music and radio services, and even music from your favorite CD or MP3 player. details »

Control 4
Control4® Media Controller

The Control4® Home Controller HC-500 makes it easy for everyone to instantly enjoy their favorite music wherever they are, whenever they want. The HC-500 digitally stores the music collections of everyone in the family and delivers simultaneous audio streams over a home network. Utilizing online music recognition, the HC-500 makes managing music collections a breeze. Music can easily be selected by artist, song, genre, or even album cover art. details »