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Truly accurate music reproduction is a beautiful thing.

In this world where all the buzz is about surround sound, people tend to forget that most music is still recorded in stereo. So having adequate two-channel reproduction is critical. We still embrace the concept of a listening room, where music can be appreciated as it was intended to be heard by the artist.

Totem Acoustic

At Totem Acoustic, minute attention to every detail is their guiding principle. They believe a speaker should exhibit liveliness and spaciousness of sound, with all the qualities that make live music truly soul-moving. Dynamics, transients, decay, harmonics, timbre and rhythm must all be realistically portrayed.

Each speaker unit is assembled with great precision, using meticulously selected components. Every speaker model features its own distinct internal wiring, scientifically selected and tested “by ear” during prototype and finalization stages.



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Forest Signature

Element: Wind

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Timeless design qualities linked to the very latest developments of the acoustic arts give every model in the Prestige series its individual status as a high performance loudspeaker for the discerning music lover.

The unique advantage of the Tannoy Dual Concentric™ principle is that the low and high frequency sound radiation is generated on the same axis. In effect, the Dual is a single chassis comprising two separate drive units properly merged into one, with the high frequency unit mounted in the centre of the pole piece of the low frequency unit.

High frequency sound radiates from the centre of the low frequency unit through a carefully designed high frequency exponential horn, either the PepperPot WaveGuide™ or the Tulip WaveGuide™ dependant on the model. It is the fact that the low and high frequencies are therefore fully integrated at source that gives the Tannoy Dual Concentric™ driver such unique sound reproduction qualities.

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