Artistic Audio


Speakers that people love to see as well as hear

Style and craftsmanship, art and engineering

There is no doubt that technology is now an integral part of all our lives. But why is most technology so unattractive? Isn’t there a more aesthetic way to incorporate audio a into the home? This was the big question that gave artist Scott Varn the inspiration to combine creative design with engineering.

“I lived in an arts and crafts bungalow and hated simply sticking components on a cabinet and placing black laminate speakers on the floor. I looked for a company or products to solve the problem and was disappointed that were none to be found. While putting my mind to a creative solution, I found that many people shared my frustration and desire for a solution. It was a unfortunate void in the world of music rendering, and an obvious opportunity for a new endeavor.”

Everyone knows that Western NC is blessed with a wonderful sense of design and style that depends heavily on the skilled hands of craftsmen. But few realize that there is an association that honors this tradition and it’s incorporation into the home. That association is HandMade in America. To quote their mission statement “…to grow handmade economies through craft, cultural heritage and community assets. We envision a thriving region that leverages the distinctive cultural assets of its people and the spirit of community.”

Harmony is honored to be part of HandMade in America. We will be displaying with a team of craftsmen, architects and designers who have created the library vignette at the North Carolina Arboretum.

We will be mixed in with carpenters, sculptors and textile artists—so Where does a bunch of AV geeks like us fit in? Well as many of you know my background is in art and I continue to keep my hands in that world in many disciplines— and I am always looking for new expressions.

We are displaying examples of how we incorporate photography or painting to create artistic speakers. Imagine great photography or artwork supported by a handcrafted frame which just happens to produce beautiful music.

The images were printed on silk and stretched like canvas over a brushed steel frame that we created.

We used Totem Speaker Technology for amazing sound quality with very little depth. The artisan setting up were glad to have music and amazed that they could not see the speakers. All powered by an amplifier hidden in the wall.

One of the featured homes also displays some of our other handiwork, including furniture that conceals a motorized rising TV and a theater that features handcrafted rosewood ‘Whisper’ speakers with an amazing furniture grade finish.